education changes everything

On October 20th - Re-elect Lee-Ann Tiede.

Lee-Ann Tiede is currently a School Trustee with Central Okanagan Public Schools. For the past four years, she has served the district in multiple capacities, which includes:

  • Education and Student Services Committee, Chair 
  • Finance and Audit Committee
  • Human Resources and Staff Services Committee
  • Planning and Facilities Committee
  • Executive Staff Management Committee
  • District Early Years Partnership Committee
  • Thompson Okanagan Branch Executive
  • Provincial Council

 She brings a fresh, inspired and global perspective to education. She understands our students, our schools and the important governance role of a Board of Education in our community. Let's keep her working as a School Trustee, so we can continue to grow the success of Central Okanagan Public Schools. 

Like many of us, Lee-Ann comes from elsewhere. Although she came to Kelowna in 1992, she grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Lee-Ann knows the importance of building community and appreciating diversity. Most importantly, Lee-Ann knows that education changes everything - for students, for families, for community, and for democracy.

As a business professional, she appreciates the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead of our girls and young women - and most importantly she is inspired by their potential.

Most of all, Lee-Ann understands that education is fundamental to achieving our dreams - both personally and collectively. It is the path that creates successful careers, strong communities and effective democracies.

Her personal education is a testament to the value she places on education. After completing her high school diploma, Lee-Ann graduated with honours from John Taylor Collegiate and then continued a path of lifelong learning in her professional career in securities compliance and management. 

Lee-Ann has been active in Parent Advisory Committees - supporting teachers in the classroom, fundraising for school trips and contributing to a positive learning environment for all students.

As a professional in the technology industry, Lee-Ann understands the pace of change that is facing our children and the importance of building a capacity to learn, leverage and listen rather than memorize and repeat static knowledge. She deeply understands the importance of accountability, good governance and the power of leadership. At QHR Technologies, one of Kelowna's leading technology companies, she leads a team of judges who participate in the iGen Challenge, formally known as the Dragon's Den Young Entrepreneur Competition, to encourage and hone our future business leaders.

Lee-Ann volunteers throughout the community to provide mentorship, leadership and service to youth. "I learn more from them than I could possibly teach them." This is what Lee-Ann brings to the Central Okanagan Board of Education. A deep appreciation for learning, a global perspective, values-based engagement and a passion for the future.

Lee-Ann has been a leading voice for experiential learning, investing in her children's education by travelling to Nepal to work in an orphanage as well as build a church and infrastructure for a remote village, to introduce herself and her children to different cultures, norms, and perspectives - to experience the world through the eyes of others with generosity, understanding and kindness. This changed her understanding of education - it is about the experience as a whole, not just going to class.

Lee-Ann has first-hand knowledge of the trust that parents place in the school system, the indispensable role of teachers, the choices that parents make in the best interest of their children, the value of education for the future of her children, and the frustrations that can arise to serve and support all children in our school district.

Lee-Ann has and will continue to bring a  fair, thoughtful and global perspective to the Central Okanagan Board of Education. She needs your support to keep her voice at the table.

On October 20th, Re-elect Lee-Ann tiede.