- Mike Checkley, President, QHR Technologies

"Lee has been a rock within our organization for a long time, handling with confidence and stability all the surrounding pieces we needed to grow our business. Her experience in navigating through diverse situations, personalities, and time boxes is excellent. It's important that the community hires the best, and she is among them."

- Steven Bonn, GEID Board Chair

 “I’ve known Lee-Ann for the past 22 years and was excited to hear when she first agreed to let her name stand for School Trustee. Now as she is willing to run for a further term I know that she will continue to work in the best interest of the School District she serves. I have had the pleasure of working with Lee-Ann for the past 3 years, and found her to be trustworthy, someone who stands by her word, and is willing to make tough choices for the greater good –all with a smile and a great sense of humour.” 

- Rick Maddison, Tempest Media

“Lee-Ann is an invaluable asset to any initiative she undertakes. She has an uncanny ability to quietly lead and create consensus within a group. She has enjoyed success in various fields, so she is able to offer viable alternatives on how to move any issue forward. As a parent who is heavily invested in the future of youth, I would highly recommend Lee as a school board trustee.”

- Dr. David Urness D.C.

"I fully support Lee-Ann and her role as school board trustee. I appreciate her qualities as a fellow citizen of Kelowna and place my full trust in her capacity to serve on the School District 23 board with utmost integrity and honesty. I have appreciated her presence on the board this past term and look forward to her serving our community and more specifically the staff and students of the school district for the upcoming term. Thank you Lee-Ann for a job well done and I look forward to your further contribution toward this community."