“If elected, in what ways would you ensure equal access to programs and services for ALL students in SD #23?”


  • After being re-elected to the Board of Education for Central Okanagan Public Schools, I anticipate that I would find myself standing alongside trustees who will agree that ALL of our students deserve equal access to educational resources, as I am sure we will all desire to see every child flourish in our community.  Equal access to programs and services which include academic and extracurricular programs, safe facilities, inspiring environments, technology, strong teaching, and instructional materials that all align with the new curriculum, regardless of our students’ ethnic background, gender, nationality, or socioeconomic status.
  • As a Board, we will continue to meet with MLA’s from all ridings in our District, all four City Councils, as well as Westbank First Nations, to discuss community partnerships, roads and bussing accesses, as well as Neighbourhoods of Learning opportunities to ensure that all students have safe access to all facilities where our programs are held.
  • We will also continue to communicate directly with the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Finance on our Planning & Facility needs, priorities, and growth pressures.  Continuing to engage in the ongoing discussion of funding and planning for our district, in alignment with the Province’s priorities and needs for funding throughout the entire province, while working together to better understanding the needs of our neighbours and fellow districts.
  • We will continue to work alongside our Operations team to ensure that all students have access to all amenities and the ability to participate in the school community with dignity and self-respect.
  • Where financial assistance is a barrier for some families in our community, we will continue to support the staff that graciously work to facilitate assistance in those cases with discretion and confidentiality.
  • In any other circumstances where the quality of access does not meet the standards that are important to the Board and staff of the Central Okanagan Public School district, we will endeavor to engage in further parental consultations to improve that situation, because we are all working together to ensure that ALL of our students flourish in our community.